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How To Grow an Online T-shirt Business

If you’re interested in starting and growing an online T-shirt business then there’s something you’ll need to know, you’ll be dealing with fierce competition. In order to stand out, you’ll have to create styles that people enjoy, develop a trusted brand name and deliver proven quality in your garments.

In this overview, we will the necessary steps in order to develop and customise your very own T-shirt in Australia.

Opening up Shop is Easy

Here’s the bright side, creating and releasing a brand-new T-shirt brand is reasonably easy as well as cost-effective. If you have general know-how related to garments, then you can be up and running in no time. The abundance of useful apps at your disposition can prepare you to publish as well as deliver to your clients immediately.

However, There’s a Downside

Let’s not sugar-coat the harsh reality of developing a T-shirt brand online. Although the availability of modern technology makes for a facilitated start-up, the most difficult aspect by far is constructing a brand name that attracts attention from consumers. On top of that, slim profit margins, in the beginning, can make it quite an obstacle for most people.

To ensure your success, you need to make the right choices from the start.

Where to Start?

There are numerous important aspects to consider when creating an effective T-shirt business.

  • Niche: bringing something unique to the table will certainly aid you to stand out among competitors, as well as marketing to the ideal target demographic.
  • Style: Become a recognisable brand through the use of symbolic motifs in your designs.
  • Quality: The quality of your T-shirts will resonate with customers in a good way, or in a bad way. Make sure to deliver the best quality to your clients.
  • Brand name: An interesting brand name is tantamount in the T-shirt business. You have to be able to allure people with your brand name and image.

Developing a Niche

You hear this term a whole lot. However, it is crucial to identify a specific niche to target your desired demographic. One of the most vital considerations when developing an effective T-shirt campaign is the capability to stand apart from numerous rivals.

Offering a Unique Style

Prospective clients would certainly be put off by seeing your designs and products as a mere duplicate of other competitors. Your styles do not necessarily need to be complicated, as a matter of fact, much of it relies heavily on effective marketing tying into your brand. Nevertheless, always do your best in order to create a unique style that resonates with your target market.

Deliver Superior Quality

Nothing ensures the continued success of your business more than constantly providing supreme quality to your clients. You can deceive somebody with an inferior quality product once, yet you will lose a customer for life, not to mention the chain effect of bad reviews online. A pattern that discolours and splits or a tee that reduces and tears will not develop a loyal clientele or fanbase.

Establish your Brand Name

Lastly, the importance of having an eye-catching brand name can help you jump-start your business. The brand name should be related to your vision that speaks to the target audience. Ideally, if you could string together the brand name, niche, style, and quality into a single cohesive product, then you stand in an auspicious spot in the online T-shirt market. As clients have more and more options in the market today, it’s exceedingly crucial for an e-commerce company to have a unique presence in order to catch consumers’ interest.

Last Thoughts

To recap, if you can manage to identify a niche in the market, create a recognizable style, deliver top quality, and establish a memorable brand; then developing a successful online T-shirt brand should come quickly. Remember, only those who dare to venture, dare to gain.

T shirt Printing

T shirt printing is an art of making designs, letters or images on a t shirt either manually or using machines. You can engage in t shirt printing as a hobby or make it an income generating business. With technology taking over every sector, you can get automated printing machines for commercial use and imprint on large numbers of shirts.

There are a number of methods you can use to get the images on your material. These include:

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most preferred method as it will give you images that will remain smooth, soft and vibrant for long. A t shirt printing machine, ink and stencil/template are used in this method. If you are looking for an effective method to use on large numbers of garments, screen printing is the way to go.

Apart from producing quality images, screen printing will work with multiple colors and it’s a good alternative when you need to mass produce. Avoid this method if you are producing a lesser number as it will not be economical. You need to be trained as using the machine manually can be messy.

Direct To Garment (DTG)

The DTG technique is the newest printing method in garment printing industry. The use of DTG printing machine is applied in this technique which is known for mass production. Though the quality of printing is good, it is best on white materials as darker materials are a bit challenging. Use professionals like

The DTG machine is an expensive machine and will be economical if you use it for commercial purposes. You will be at an advantage as this method supports full-color printing and gives a professional finish. Are you planning to buy the DTG machine soon? Invest in creating enough space as the machine is huge.

Sublimation Printing

Are you looking forward to transforming your t shirt to an art piece? You can never go wrong with sublimation printing. It is popular in printing an all-over image and also oversize printing. You will need to understand the sublimation dye process technique and make use of materials that are made of pure polyester.

Sublimation printing will be advantageous to use as you can be creative with designs, colors, styles, and graphics. Work on 50 or more t shirts at a time to make it economical as lesser pieces will consume the same materials and time. When using sublimation, the underarms might not be perfectly printed on as you would wish.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is known to use special software and a cad cutter to make a professional cloth which will be printed on your t shirt. A heat press t shirt printing machine is used to imprint slogans, words, and small graphics. The method is popular as you can print multiple garment types.

You will print your t shirt a long-lasting image with this method. Vinyl printing will save you the disappointments caused by faded or cracked images on your t shirt. Invest in learning how to use the machine hardware and software before you can work on your garments.

T shirt printing is an art that will able you create beautiful images on your t shirt. You can buy plain t shirts and print on them to make similar garments to be used in functions. The printing business is a lucrative income generating art that you can use to make a living.

Custom Shirt Printing

The t-shirt first appeared in 1913 as an undershirt for servicemen in the United States Navy to wear under their uniforms.  It soaked up sweat and made the uniform a bit more comfortable.

During World War II, Sailors and Marines stationed in hot and/or tropical environments began wearing their t-shirts while doing messy work.  Once again, they felt cooler and it kept their uniforms clean.

After the war, veterans continued to wear their t-shirts as casual wear.  In 1951, When Marlon Brando wore a t-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire, the look caught on further.  Women found him attractive and men emulated his ruggedness.  Brando’s t-shirt clad image remains iconic even today.  James Dean deserves credit, too.  In 1955, he wore only a t-shirt in Rebel Without a Cause, the film that made him one of the most popular stars in cinema even today.  After the film’s release, t-shirt sales soared.

The Custom T-Shirt Appears

Also in the 1950s, the custom t-shirts and shirt printing in Brisbane made its debut. Various Florida companies began embellishing t-shirts with resort titles and names of tourist sites.  In 1959, screen printing appeared.  It involved pushing ink through a stencil or mesh.   In 1960, Michael Vasilantone developed the multi-color rotary press that’s very much like what is currently used.  Today, it’s common to print thousands of shirts a day.

In the late 1960’s, the t-shirt turned into a way to express oneself, protest issues, and display popular art.  Warren Dayton, a psychedelic artist, for example, created political t-shirts featuring Cesar Chavez (a civil rights activist and labor leader who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association), political cartoons, and other social images of the time.

Also in the 1960s, the tie dying process became popular as did embroidery, letter pressing, and heat transfers.

Rock and Roll and Athletic Custom Shirts

In the late 1960s and continuing into the 1970s, custom print t-shirts displaying Rock and Roll bands became fashionable, as well as a very lucrative business.   Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd t-shirts sold well when they first came out and continue to sell well today.  And, as MTV and videos caught on, so did custom t-shirts promoting pop artists.

Professional athletes and teams also got into the act and began making huge profits by adding their likenesses to custom screen printed t-shirts.  These t-shirts remain popular today, too.

The 80s

In the 1980s, logos began appearing on custom t-shirts.  Nike, Adidas, and Guess started producing t-shirts with just their symbols.  The trend continues and even designers have joined in.  One can sport a custom t-shirt displaying the logos of Michal Kors, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger, just to name a few.

The 1990s and The New Millennium

As the new century approached, custom t-shirts from the 60s and 70s reappeared and became stylish again.  As well, designers recreated the looks and cashed in.

Custom T-Shirts Today

The custom t-shirt is more popular today than ever.  It’s basically a staple in most every person’s wardrobe, be they a child, an adolescent, or an adult.  Some custom t-shirts have messages, such as “don’t quit” and “keep calm.”  Others are much more racy.  Essentially, a t-shirt can say anything you want and people have them customized for any and all occasions, such as birthday parties, reunions, office celebrations, bridal showers, bachelor parties…  The list is endless.

The most popular custom t-shirt of all time is the “I ♥ NY” t-shirt.  Designer Milton Glaser drew the logo on a napkin and it went on to become the most worn t-shirt in history.

The t-shirt has been popular for over a century.  Without doubt, it will go on being popular for centuries to come.